Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons

The top 10 reasons behind choosing Service Ox over other answering solutions are:


Pamper your customers with nothing less than the best
Service Ox’s dedicated and well-skilled team of business professionals and our comprehensive range of services treat your customers like a king. Moreover, the flexibility provided at Service Ox helps you pick and choose the services that you think are vital for your business.

Experience our brand of client forethought


Expand your reach with us
By partnering with Service Ox, your calls will be directed to our huge team of professionals, who will be acquainted with your services, their prices and company procedures. With the professional and positive attitude of the business associates at Service Ox, your business will gain more credibility, besides providing a live online and on-call service to your customers at all times of the day.

Capitalize on our advantages for produce better returns


Customize the service
An answering industry service works on attending the calls in a uniform manner. But with Service Ox, you can customize the services that you think are vital for your business by letting us know the script to be used, deciding on the parameters of urgent calls, etc. By doing this, you will be able to give a personal touch to all your customers while employing the Service Ox business associates to handle your calls.

Learn progressively about our thorough automated phone receptionists


Value for money
Our clients can make use of various free and productive tools provided by Service Ox, along with their selected services. For instance, the clients will be able to access the live website statistics to know the change in the customer satisfaction level. We keep on gauging that from time to time to improvise our services and hence, are able to provide something that your customers are looking for.

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Grab all Opportunities with our 24/7 services
We are available round the clock to serve your customers and try to capture every opportunity to boost your business. We believe that every call is important and we have adequate resources to attend all of them, all the time.

Get more sales and business


Deliver optimum customer service
We strive to retain your existing clients by keeping them happy and put in our 100% to attract new customers our excellent customer service. A happy customer means increase in business.

Expand your client base with our services


Partner with us and see yourself grow
With the help of our dedicated staff members and their efficient services, you save your time and money, along with gaining larger clientele. Achieve your short-term and long-term goals with the assistance of our work force.

Make your company’s future brighter


Deliver tested, quality output
Our Quality Assurance team monitor, analyze, innovate and deliver the best possible services for you and your clients. Our aim is to constantly improve our work to render up-do-date and error-free services.

Turn your business around with quality assistance


Get more clients with specialized services
We offer industry-specific employees and work methods to cater to all kind of businesses and individuals. We employ qualified and professional work force from various fields and make sure that we are prepared to accept any kind of work that comes our way.

Target your specific clients


Experience our ever-evolving service
We hold regular training programs and feedback sessions for employees to let them know their flaws and figure out scope of improvement. We evolve and keep pace with the latest industry tools, technology and work methods.

Benefit from our policy of changing and gaining



What clients are saying:

“You’ve proved that we’ve contracted with the very best. Thank you! We’ll all sleep a little easier at night!”

Rhobye Wyatt, Riverside Apartments

“Your folks on the phone make our organization seem so professional and so ‘on-the-ball’!”

Sharon Barnes, NOBCChE