Gone are the days when you used to get tired of receiving calls all the time. Service Ox is the one-stop platform for all the industry specific solutions. Here, you can get industry-specific teams to advise, assist and guide your customers.
At Service Ox, our industry-specific teams will offer you specialty answering service. We will serve you with utmost care and professionalism. The teams at Service Ox are so chosen to that you will get to talk to only the people with the most updated and correct industry knowledge.

Some of the industries that we cater to are:


An industry that works 24*7, needs a support that can match its pace. At Service Ox, our on-call representatives guide customers with an aim to make a purchase.

womenHealthcare Services
We have solutions suiting to the needs of healthcare professionals, such as doctors, hospital staff, physicians and dentists.

TechnologyiconTechnology and Manufacturing
Technology and manufacturing industries have their specific needs, which can not be fulfilled with general answers. And hence, a specialty answering service comes to their rescue.

icon_img8Real Estate
Contrary to general perception, it is not always about buying and selling properties but real estate business goes much deeper than that. Right from researching to paperwork, Service Ox makes real estate business a cakewalk.

A wide range of legal professionals, ranging from lawyers to attorneys, turn to our trustworthy advice from time to time.

FinanceiconFinance & Insurance
Finance and insurance are the worlds in themselves. Hence, the professionals in the areas trust none other than Service Ox.

manService Providers
There are various service-related issues that perturb the service providers at different intervals. In this time and age, it is wise to take the help of a professional rather than taking chances and putting your credit worth at stake.

icon_img3Marketing & Media
Marketing and Media professionals play a vital role in giving us the required worth-of-mouth publicity in answering service industry. Their needs at work are answered by the industry-specific answering services.

The Team Customer Loyalty, our general service team, is the starting point for our Business Support Associates. Once their managerial reviews are positive and they reflect professionalism, the associates are given further training and opportunity to join the industry team. At Service Ox, our training is focused on understanding the overall industry landscape. Such kind of training helps us to realize the customers’ needs in a better way and provide specialty answering services – from message taking to lead generation.




Remote Business Support Associate »
The Remote Business Support Associate provides phone-based and software enabled business support services for our clients.

Remote Bilingual Business Support Associate »
The Remote Business Support Associate provides phone-based and software enabled business support services for our clients.

Client Services Representative »
The client service representative is responsible first and foremost for overall client satisfaction.

Sales Representative »
We are looking for people who are hard working, passionate, motivated and talented to join our dedicated team.