Training, Learning & Coaching

Trainings are an integral part of Service Ox. Right from induction of a candidate to his retention, training plays a vital role in the personal development of the team members at Service Ox. These trainings are aimed at sharpening the soft skills of the employees, their phone etiquettes and industry specific knowledge for each one of them. Investment is also made in the form of training manuals and other web-based training material.

These trainings are held not just for the benefit of organizations but also for the overall development of individuals and their knowledge that will remain with them life-long.

The training and learning sessions at Service Ox help us build trust and confidence in our employees. That is why we stress that your customers are in safe hands with Service Ox as the chances of misguiding them are negligible.

We adopt a holistic approach
The holistic approach to training at Service Ox is based on our unique concepts of online modules, instructor-led programmes, videos, and role-play. This multi-faceted approach to training makes the business associates at Service Ox understand work concepts in a much better way. The trainings also give them enough opportunity to practise before they start taking actual calls. Moreover, all these modules let the associates learn in their own pace, without forcing them to hurry for the sake of saving time.

Learning is a never-ending process
Once the new associates have completed their respective trainings, it does not mean that they will not get a chance to enhance their skills. Every associate working at Service Ox is well-versed of the fact that trainings are an enjoyable and learning experience, where they will get to learn new things every time.



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