Only the best practices aimed at employee retention and care can make the employees stay. Employee retention becomes all the more important for Service Ox as we invest a lot in their development. The various training programs help Service Ox team members to acquire new skills and phone etiquettes.

The people-friendly HR policies and various employee engagement programs keep them involved in the progress of knowing the organization. Hence, they have the eagle’s eye to see the things that they do and how they impact the organization. Service Ox also ensures free flow of information within the organization with a two-way approach.

We have best employee benefit programs
Since Day 1 of joining, most of our new business associates are pleased to know that they are eligible for the healthcare benefits and all the group insurance plans. Also, while staying at Service Ox, our business associates make the stay enriching to us by contributing towards the growth of the organization and providing satisfactory services to your customers. In certain situations, they are given access to work even from remote locations.

We nurture healthy competition
Healthy competition is important for all organizations to bring the best in their employees. We nurture healthy competition through various reward programmes. It not only gives the required appreciation to some members of the team, but others also get an opportunity to learn from their colleagues.

Trainings also play a vital role in the retention of employees as, while working with Service Ox, people grow in various aspects of their lives. We prefer hiring from within, and hence, the preference of jobs is given to our own employees first. If they match the criteria and clear the interviews, we are happy to offer them new profiles.



How it works?
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  • Toll Free Number
  • Message Taking
  • Email Delivery
  • Text Message Delivery
  • Custom Scripting
  • Online Web Tools
  • Lead Capture Tools
  • Dynamic Scripting