Our excellent services are a display of the superior skills of our business associates. Hence, recruitment is one of the main concerns at Service Ox, where the focus lies on quality.

Getting right people with right attitude and skills on board is the main focus of our recruitment services. Here, we select only the best among the available talent pool and equip them with rigorous training programmes to help them serve the customers better. To select the right candidates, we have a full-time team of recruiters working for Service Ox, who are constantly on the look out of skilled people. It is also because our clients also search for business associates with strong industry background and leadership qualities.

Under the recruitment services, personal growth and development of the individual is vital, so that organizational growth can be attained. For those, who wish to join the Service Ox team, here are the steps that you need to follow while submitting your application:

1. We carefully screen all the resumes submitted to us and so, the resume that you are submitting must be a display of your skills and experiences.

2. After selecting the resumes, we conduct telephonic interviews to conduct second round of screening.

3. Only those who clear the telephonic interview will get a chance to appear for the face-to-face interview.

4. Also, we ask the candidates to complete the following test:

  • Measured listening skills
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Word Processing test
  • Typing test

5. The final selection is based on the results of these tests.

6. Once we are sure about the candidate, we conduct a background check to ensure that the information given by the candidate is true. Once you are selected, you are invited to Service Ox to write your own success story. To submit your application, visit our “Careers” section or email us at



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