Property Management

Property Management

While managing properties, filling that vacant spot lies at a priority. We understand the everyday traumas of your business, and how you fight to make the day a little longer every day. That is why, Service Ox brings you organized answering service industry’s expertise to make your day a little less cluttered.

We take care of the on-call communication of your business, following the protocol given by you, so that your important calls are answered every time the phone rings. Moreover, we aim at providing a satisfactory service to all your customers, besides the industry-specific knowledge.

The professionals working at Service Ox are trained with rigorous training programs to handle queries related to the industry and the company, besides exhibiting world-renowned soft skills. Right from leaky faucets and cold showers to gas leaks and lockouts, Service Ox provides support with all the property-management related issues. Some of these issues are:

Apartment Complexes
The team at Service Ox dispatches service vendors, assists tenant inquiries, and makes potential tenants schedule a viewing session. The team is well-trained to serve as the maintenance hotline of your company and generate leads for the business to grow.

Commercial Properties
The inquiries generated from commercial properties are different from residential properties. The working professionals at Service Ox aid with a wide range of questions and maintenance requests. The Service Ox team mans the live call support of your company. Our call escalation procedures increase efficiency in business, without sacrificing on quality service.

Leasing is one of the biggest concerns of property managers. And to make the job a little more stressful is the thousands queries regarding the properties offered. Our real estate & property management answering services will help you distress your day by letting a property management call center handle calls for you.



How it works?
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