Dental Offices

Dental Offices

The on-call requirement of dental offices, dental practitioners and orthodontists, is very different from hospitals and general physicians. Here, the patients come with a specific problem and most of them know well about the problems. Hence, a non-professional or a layman cannot handle such calls. Such scenarios demand only trained professionals to assess and assist the callers.
The dental answering service team at Service Ox is knowledgeable and efficient enough to handle dental calls for queries at dental clinics and dental professionals. Whether it is a call to seek appointment, cancel it or reschedule it; or it is a dental emergency requiring immediate escalation and paging; we cater to every aspect of the on-call service.
Dental offices choose Service Ox for:

New Patient – Call Management:
All you need to do is to give us your existing office number and let us do the rest. We get calls on your behalf, answer them promptly and publish the live statistics on the site. This shows our commitment and gives you a fair idea of the patient’s experience.

Dental Emergencies & Urgent Call Transfer
During dental emergencies and the times when just a phone cannot solve the issue, we transfer the calls to your representative so that immediate action can be taken in urgent situations. Be it in the middle of a night or during a weekend, our medical answering services will assist your patients at all times, based on your protocol. Also, you will decide when, where and how to transfer the urgent calls. The information can be changed as per your convenience.

Appointment Scheduling:
The rule of the service industry says that never say “no” to a customer. Adhering to this simple philosophy, we employ a 24×7 team of live answering service to take your calls, and help your patients, schedule or reschedule their appointments. Furthermore, we also confirm the appointments beforehand under this medical answering service for dentists, ensuring that no time is wasted.



How it works?
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