Dedicated Team Opportunities

Dedicated Team Opportunities

The dedicated team opportunities at Service Ox are an interesting mix of various learning, in various forms, to help the business associates serve the customers better.

Our innovative strategy to develop the number 1 team helps us serve your customers better and bring satisfaction in the millions of lives. The industry-specific knowledge of our business associates help us sail through all the queries and guide the customers in a professional and true way.

Also, as all the industries are different in their approach to business, terminology and knowledge required, our business associates talk in the language of your business right from the Day 1. The information provided by you, at the time of account setting, reaches to all our business associates in the form of Customer Business Manual.

Moreover, the career-long trainings provided to our associates at Service Ox generate deep and enriching understanding of the businesses of our clients. The various means, such as role play and instructor-led programmes, deepen their understanding of the business. Furthermore, along with the industry specific knowledge, the trainings are also aimed at improving the soft skills, phone etiquettes and overall personality of the individuals.

Service Ox is a forward thinking company that plans ahead and saves our business associates from the embarrassment of going blank to the customers. We employ the scalable means to find out the preparedness of our team. Besides, we also employ the tools that give you a better understanding of our services by measuring them through scalable means.



How does it work?
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