Customer Support

Customer Support

Numerous competitors offer similar products to potential customers and lure them. If such is the scenario in your business, then you must tap the market and deliver not just the product selection but other services as well. You need to cater to the demands and preferences of your customers. At Service Ox, our well-trained customer care staff supports your online customers’ requests.

Customer support service that serves web visitors across states, time zones and countries beyond 5 pm.
Every day customers surf, research and shop online. When a customer’s queries related to shipping, privacy or product attributes are not attended to, they abandon the shopping cart and go to your competitors. Whatever you think is at the right place for the customer, may actually not be sufficient. We provide 24/7/365 assistance by answering phone calls, web chats and emails. Be it day or night, we answer 90% of all the calls within 4 rings.

We remove barriers to purchase.
Wherever the customers have a problem, it is reflected in the web analytics. We assist you to remove the barriers that hinder customers in their purchasing experience and encourage them to buy products. The telephone and email services are used in addition to the web chat, to solve customers’ difficulties that make them leave the shopping cart midway or give up purchase when they do not find the right product.

Your branding and culture shape our service.
Your needs and requisition determines the customer care that we offer to your customers. The words and phrases to be used when addressing them or greeting them are customized as per your needs. The Service Ox Business Support Associates are the brains behind your customer service department.

Customized technology enables our team to deliver commendable service.
Our teams are enabled to log into your web-enabled order management system to check the orders, through our innovative CRM interface. Our SaaS-delivered function, stores your customer care protocols when dealing with your customers and maintains consistency during the interactions. A customer’s needs are fulfilled with the existing information that we have with us.

To experience our efficient technical support service, contact Service Ox today through phone, web chat or email.



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