Urgent Call Handling

Urgent Call Handling

Urgent calls need speedy response. An efficient and capable plan of action ensures that such calls are promptly handled instead of causing disorientation and confusion. For emergency call handling catering to business demands, we provide quick and efficient services. During the account set-up, Service Ox partners with you to determine how to define an urgent call and the process to respond to it.

Your needs determine which calls are urgent.
Service Ox helps professionals across the industry, be it doctors, or contractors or attorneys or financial consultants. Protocols vary for each account as per the customer’s definition of urgency for varied operations. When handling urgent and escalated calls, we make sure that ‘one size fits all’ is not our norm.

You decide how we respond.
We follow the rules settled upon by our customers for handling urgent calls. You decide whether any specific person has to be contacted or the call has to be transferred to someone. Is it dependent on the person calling or the reason one has called. We strictly follow your instructions to tackle the scenario.

Technology makes a difference.
Service Ox’s Business Support Associates, together with the state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management system, store widespread information about your policies, protocols and products to serve you efficiently 24/7/365. Whenever our urgent call handler answers call from your telephone number, the urgent call handling instructions are immediately accessible to them on the screen.

Your front office is now open 24/7/365.
You get an extension of your front office with the help of qualified and skilled team members. Critical situations demand one to be easily available, prepared and competent.



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