Transfer Your 800

Transfer Your 800

To let us help your business grow, you need to transfer your 800 toll-free number to our answering call center, so that our business associates can answer the calls and guide your customers to make sales. To transfer your toll-free telephone number to us and let our 800 number answering services take calls, you need to follow these easy steps:

1 Let us know the phone number on which you intend to take 800 answering service of Service Ox, along with your fax number.

2 Scan and email or fax us the first two pages of your telephone bill. These pages should contain information of your company number, name of the person on which the phone number is and account number attached with your current provider.

3 Once we receive the first two pages of your telephone bill, we will fax you the transfer form for the phone number. You need to sign the form and send it back to us.

Once you do it, the number will be transferred to us within 3-7 working days and our business associates will start taking your calls. While setting up an account with Service Ox, you will be asked to provide information of your company that will help us serve your customers better. Once provided, this information will be made available to all the business associates here, who will be working on your services. The time taken in transferring the number will be used to equip our business associates with the information based on your industry and company. Our 800 answering services are industry-specific and work for 24x7x365 days.
However, whenever you decide to leave the service, the number will be yours and the calls will again keep on landing in your office or any other chosen destination.



What clients are saying:

“You’ve proved that we’ve contracted with the very best. Thank you! We’ll all sleep a little easier at night!”

Rhobye Wyatt, Riverside Apartments

“Your folks on the phone make our organization seem so professional and so ‘on-the-ball’!”

Sharon Barnes, NOBCChE