Direct Response

Direct Response

From information-oriented commercials to print advertisements and radio jingles, the aim of every marketing activity is to garner support from the public and lead them to direct response. Service Ox partners with such companies, whose bottom line depends on direct response marketing.
Usually, these direct response advertisers and direct response marketing companies aim to bring the customers close to the company by compelling them to know more about the advertised product/ service. Once the customer calls, the onus of making a sale rests on the company. Most of the times, giving this huge responsibility to people who are not trained in taking calls may turn into a wrong decision.

Service Ox’s answering services go beyond lead capture and lead management, and provide complete order management services. Moreover, one of the best features at Service Ox is that you can choose the services that you want and will have to pay only for those services.
The efficient and dedicated team at Service Ox is one of our USPs. The team partners with direct response advertising companies to bring mutual growth. Some of the best features of our team are 24×7 support, support on weekends and holidays, email and web chat support. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that Service Ox is one-stop destination for all the needs concerning quick response outsourcing, telemarketing outsource business, direct response call center, order taking call center and one-to-one direct response.

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