These are some of the most frequently asked questions about our services.

How do we answer your phone?

We can answer your phone through various ways. We can assign you a toll-free number, which you will distribute through your market initiatives and we will receive all the calls that are coming on that number. Secondly, you can either port your existing inquiries’ phone number to us or put the call forwarding service on it. This way, we will get the calls for inquiries about your business/ products/ services.

Will you answer the phone with my business name?

Yes, we answer all your calls on the name of your company. When it is directed to any of our business associates, he or she will get all your company information, along with the answering protocols and scripts on his/ her screen.

How do you know about my business?

At the time of account set-up, our client service team will ask you many questions regarding your business, so that we can answer the customer queries with ease. The answers given by you then will be stored in our Customer Relationship Management system, available to all the business associates employed on your service. In addition, the timely training sessions teach the staff of multiple industry-specific customer care teams, so that they can perform better than your expectations and bring profitability to your business.

How do I sign up?

You either need to fill in the details at the “Join Now” link or call at xxx, and our account executive will help you get on the board.

How am I billed?

Your bill will be generated every calendar month of the year on the basis of the service minutes that you have used. Hence, it does not matter that our business associates will be employed on your services for 24×7. All that matters is how many minutes have they spent while interacting with your customers. Only those minutes will be charged in your bill.

How do you know an incoming call is for my business?

While setting up an account with Service Ox or subscribing our services, you will be transferring your telephone number to us. After that, whenever anybody calls on your telephone number, the phone will ring in our call centre. Our business associates will get to know that whether it is your business call or not by looking on the number on which the call is landing. As soon as he / she will pick the call, your company information will appear on the screen in front of him / her.

How do I contact you when I need to make changes to my account?

Whenever you want to make any change in your account, you can contact our service executive by calling at xxxxxx or writing to xxx.

How do I get messages?

Whenever you will receive any message, it will be posted on your online account of Service Ox. This online account access will be given to you at the time of signing up.
For more questions, please contact Service Ox representative at 888-509-3849 or write to us at xxxxxx.

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What clients are saying:

“You’ve proved that we’ve contracted with the very best. Thank you! We’ll all sleep a little easier at night!”

Rhobye Wyatt, Riverside Apartments

“Your folks on the phone make our organization seem so professional and so ‘on-the-ball’!”

Sharon Barnes, NOBCChE