Call Routing & Transfer

Call Routing & Transfer

A business should never treat any call as routine, especially one from a potential customer or from a VIP account. Service Ox teams up with the client to determine how to handle the calls, whether by account or by type.

Our internal system set in place ensures that the call is answered within 4 rings, with the message being taken and forwarded to you. At times, there are certain customers or calls that need to be promptly transferred to the client or someone on the team.

Service Ox promptly answers your calls and transfers them to you.
We make sure that your clients are politely handled, by transferring their call to you while we confirm through the other line that you are available. Call forwarding is determined by the call routing protocols. We regularly serve attorneys, doctors and other professionals by connecting and routing their urgent calls.

Calls demanding prompt attention determined by the client.
We have a professional account management team in place which in accordance to your needs, establishes the system for transferring and routing your calls. You can change these protocols whenever you wish to.

We also offer monthly plans for warm transfers as part of our add-on services for month-to-month call answering and forwarding services.



How does it work?
  • 24/7 Live Answering
  • Toll Free Number
  • Message Taking
  • Email Delivery
  • Text Message Delivery
  • Custom Scripting
  • Online Web Tools
  • Lead Capture Tools
  • Dynamic Scripting



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